Our Real Estate Video Offer

It is not news that video helps sell a property.  It is not news that aerial pictures help sell a property faster.  Aerial video helps even more.  The problem comes in when you want to take some great footage, and try to edit it.

We will EDIT YOUR FOOTAGE with royalty-free MUSIC for you.

We are offering realtors and drone pilots this great deal.  
We will create a 60 second HD promotional video of your residential listing for you to use as you wish. You supply the video / pictures, we edit and you retain all rights to the video.  We will give you a $20 discount if you supply your own royalty-free music!

And we do it for $80


Here is what you get for $80:
  1. 60 second video created from your footage with royalty-free music for your listing
  2. 24 hour turn around time from the time you give us the footage
  3. The opportunity to sell your property faster
The Process:
  1. Contact us using the form on this page
  2. We set up a private Google Drive folder 
  3. Upload your footage and pick from our selection of royalty-free music, you get a discount of $20 if you supply your own music!)
  4. Email us any specific information on the property that we may need to know
  5. We edit your video
  6. We upload your finished video to the Google Drive folder
  7. Download the video, and use it on your listing

If you follow our guidelines for shooting your video, you will have a fantastic looking final video!

We accept PayPal andCash (Click the link or use the mobile app for Android and iOS)

Editing services provided my Tailored Media and Brad Simon Video Productions