This guide is provided by Diamond Aerial to help you get the best footage for your real estate listing.  We can provide an editing service for a 60 second HD video for anyone in the USA. This is the type of footage that will make your video look the best it can be.

Camera Settings:

  1. Resolution:            1080p 24,25, or 30 FPS (there is no need for 4K at this point)
  2. Shutter speed:      FPS x 2
    • Use an ND filter, if you can.  If you don’t have one, set the shutter speed so that the image quality looks good.
    • A blown out (too much white) video cannot be fixed.  A little dark is ok
  3. ISO:                       100 – 800 (the lower the ISO, the better the quality)
  4. Aperture:             Whatever looks good to you, if you have the option to change it
  5. White Balance:    Auto is NOT the best – Set it to the weather (overcast or sunny)
    • Overcast / mostly cloudy = cloudy
    • Cloudless / mostly sunny = sunny


Types of shots:

Though these are not a complete list of shots you can get, this is a starter list and something to give inspiration for shooting real estate videos.  Any shot you want to use should be a steady shot that has at least 10-15 seconds of no sudden movements or changes in direction, they are a distraction to the viewer.  Fast or slow is fine.
  1. Shot coming towards the front door.
  2. Overhead, straight down shot, you can do a little rotation (Yaw), be steady, or move in some direction slowly
  3. Orbit or Point of Interest move, if you can get one
  4. If it is a big yard (an acre or so), fly low over the yard, showing grass, tilt up to the house
  5. Get any interesting shot you can find, anything that is unique to the property would be great
  6. If you can get a couple of neighborhood shots, that would be great, too.  They may or may not be useful, but having them is helpful when needed
  7. Mix up moving forward shots, moving from one side to another, and moving backwards.
  8. Using combination moves will work well (tilt up while moving forward, tilt up while moving backward, fly forward over the house and tilt down as you fly over it, and any combination you want to try)
  9. Get several good reveal shots (20-30 seconds each)  Having something in front of the house, like a car, tree, fence, fence post, or barn, then coming up over that, or moving from one side to another to reveal the house will be an awesome shot.

What is needed for EACH shot:

  1. 3-5 seconds at the beginning and end of each shot that will give some buffer room for editing
  2. Run the shot longer than you think it necessary, you never know when you will need that extra time
  3. Expect to take between 3 and 5 minutes of total video that will become a 1 minute final product.
    • 60 seconds of footage won’t be near enough.
    • Less than 3 minutes of total footage may not give enough to edit.  More than 5, it is ok, it just takes longer to sift through footage.


Additional editing services provided by:


Tailored Media and

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