Learning how to Fly

I have been asked so many times how someone can learn to fly a drone.  Some people go out and buy an expensive drone and crash it beyond repair, and others fly it like they have been flying for years.  But, wouldn’t you like to know if you can fly a drone without risking an expensive drone?

It is not too hard to find out, just purchase a cheap drone, and fly it around your house.  You may want to use the little nano drone by Eachine, the E010.  It is also known as a “Whoop”.  These little drones are hard to fly, but won’t hurt anything and are pretty durable.  I have crashed mine more times than I can think, and it is still flying.

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Resolutions – when use 4K v 1080p

It is the age old question, what resolution should I shoot in?  It is actually easier than you think.  It 100% depends on where the video is going to be distributed.  If it is an over the air broadcast, as of today, 1080p (Full HD) is fine.  In fact, I would bet you can find some 720p and lower resolution transmissions going on.  In the future, this will change.  6K and 8K are in the far future, and all of this information can be translated to the newer resolutions.  

As 6K and 8K become more popular, 4K will be the new 1080p.  I am sure it will continue, even though the human eye can’t really see a difference beyond 4K.   Continue reading “How to Choose Video Resolutions”

Tips and Maneuvers for new Drone Pilots

There are a lot of great videos on how to fly a drone.  I didn’t want to just be another one of those.  I put this video together to show different maneuvers you can do with a drone to get some really great videos with fairly simple combinations.

As I state in the beginning of the video, PRACTICE is the most important thing.  Without it, you won’t be able to reliably re-produce these actions and get great videos.  If your goal is to be an exceptional pilot, then you need to practice. Continue reading “Tips and Maneuvers for new Drone Pilots”